Are Radiator Covers a Good Idea?

Updated: August 22, 2023

The question, "are radiator covers a good idea?" is one that many homeowners find themselves asking. Radiator covers can be an impressive addition to your home decor, and can be a great way of hiding an ugly radiator, as well as adding valuable storage, but do they offer any practical benefits?

The Benefits of Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are made to encapsulate radiators, serving both a functional purpose and a decorative one. They can enhance the aesthetics of your space whilst also serving as a protective barrier, particularly crucial in households with children. They prevent direct contact with the radiator's hot surface, thus reducing the risk of burns.

Beyond their visual charm, radiator covers bring several practical advantages to the table. They can offer extra storage room, lessen noise from the heating system, and even boost energy efficiency when designed in an appropriate manner.

The Impact on Heating Efficiency

Radiators generate heat through radiation, convection, and conduction. A well-designed radiator cover should not impede this heat flow. However, a poorly designed radiator cover with no vent or air gap can indeed block heat, reducing the efficiency of your heating system.

Are Radiator Covers Safe?

Radiator covers are generally safe, especially when they are made from the correct materials and properly installed. The idea of a radiator is to heat the room, and as such, a well designed radiator cover will allow the heat inside to escape.

They also add a safety measure to your home, particularly with children or pets, as they prevent accidental contact with the hot surface of the radiator.

Radiator Cover or New Radiator?

You may think that a radiator cover will be a great way to hide an old and ugly radiator. In reality, a good, well built radiator cover will cost the same as a new radiator. The benefits you will enjoy from a new radiator in terms of improvements in technology and aesthetics will far outweigh a radiator cover. You can check out our radiators here.

Improving Energy Efficiency with Radiator Covers

To ensure your radiator cover does not block heat, it should have vents or slots that allow the heat to escape. An air gap between the radiator and the cover is also necessary for proper heat circulation. Some radiator covers even come with reflective backing, which can help distribute heat more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

While radiator covers offer several benefits, they can also have some disadvantages. Poorly designed covers can block heat and reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a well-designed cover that allows for proper heat circulation.

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