March 25, 2022 Flowflex, The 150 The 150 - The Innovative Shower Wall Plate

Securing pipework ahead of installing a shower or a mixer bar can be frustrating work. Even more frustrating to come back after the plastering and tiling have been installed to find your hard work is no longer 150mm apart.

Great news then, that the clever people at Flowflex have invented a unique shower backing plate to help you during your shower and bathroom installations. They called it The 150 and we'll be discussing its features, benefits, when and how to use it and why we think it's better than other solutions on the market.

What is it?

The 150 is an important tool for any shower or mixer installation. It acts as an shower backing plate or essential "First Fix" to hold the incoming pipes for your mixer installation in the correct position. It also the provides strength & support needed to ensure that any pipework remains in place when you return after any plastering and tiling.

The 150 - Flowflex Shower Wall Plate


The 150 shower wall plate can be mounted to any surface: woodwork, plaster board and brick work or masonry. It comes with multiple pre-drilled holes designed to help you to secure it to a huge variety of different surfaces, no matter what conditions you are presented with.

Uniquely, it can also be mounted in many different positions. This allows for pipework coming from multiple directions, giving you the flexibility you need.

Flowflex 150 mounted on masonry
Flowflex 150 mounted on wood, pipes coming from different directions

How does it compare to other products?

Solution 1: Basic Wall Plate Fittings

You could choose to use some wallplate elbows but these rely on you having to measure 150mm to ensure they are the right distance apart, which can be tricky and really just one more annoying step.

In order to have the pipework ready, you would also have to use some extra fittings to have the connection points ready.

Solution 2: Other Wall Plates

There are of course alternative products. Examples are shown below.

Overall, we are yet to find an alternative that offers the same level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness that The 150 offers.

Other shower plates were much more bulky and didn't offer the same levels of flexibility, in terms of securing points and allowing for situations where pipework may be coming from different directions or other obstacles that prevent a straight forward installation. 

In terms of price, today The 150 sells for £7.50. Other examples shown below sell for between £15 and £30.

Example 1:

The 150 Alternative #1

Example 2:

The 150 Alternative #2

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