Last Updated: Saturday, 10th February 2024

Choosing the Perfect Radiator for Your Bathroom

Selecting the perfect radiator for your bathroom involves thinking about a few different things. The best choice can not only bring a bit of flair to your bathroom, but it'll also give you the right amount of heat. Plus, it could even be a handy spot for getting your towels toasty and warm. We'll look at these products in more detail.

Why Have a Radiator in the Bathroom?

Bathrooms can often be the coldest places in our homes. Why? Well, things like the cold tiles, lots of cold water, and any windows or vents that let in outside air can all add to the chill. To tackle this, adding a radiator can really help. It'll warm up the room and make getting ready in the morning much more comfortable, rather than feeling like a chilly start to the day.

Types of Radiators for Bathrooms

There are three types of radiator suitable for the bathroom; Central heating radiators, heated towel rails, and dual fuel radiators.

Central Heating Radiators

Traditional radiators are a common choice for numerous homeowners. These traditional, hot-water-powered devices have proved themselves to be a reliable component of many home heating systems and are perfectly capable of warming up even a large bathroom space.

These radiators efficiently distribute heat, successfully transforming a cool bathroom into a warm, welcoming haven in a matter of minutes. This blend of proven and reliable technology, high performance and efficiency explains their enduring popularity in homes across the country.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails, often referred to as towel radiators, are genuinely practical elements of a modern bathroom. These clever devices perform dual tasks: they keep your bathroom pleasantly warm while providing a neat space for hanging your towels. This way, they ensure your towels are always warm and dry, ready to wrap you up cosily after a refreshing shower.

Variety is the spice of life, and these towel rails come in a wide range of styles and finishes to fit any bathroom decor. The chrome finish is a particularly popular choice. It has a modern, sleek look that fits seamlessly into contemporary bathroom designs. Plus, it's a hardy material, well-prepared to resist the typical moisture and steam of a bathroom. It's a functional yet stylish option for any bathroom.

Dual Fuel Radiators

Dual fuel radiators are a remarkably flexible heating solution, offering a blend of both of the above heating methodologies. These adaptable fixtures can be easily linked to your home's central heating system, operating as part of the whole-house warming strategy.

The distinguishing feature of dual fuel radiators, however, is their capacity to also have the electric heating mode. This proves especially beneficial during instances when the central heating is not in operation. Perhaps it's the milder months when heating isn't needed throughout the house, or specific times of the day when central heating is unnecessary. The dual fuel radiators, in such cases, help you selectively heating your bathroom - ensuring a toasty towel or a warm room without firing up the entire central heating system. This approach helps provide a tailored heating option when and where it's needed.

Choosing A Bathroom Radiator

At PlumbHQ, we're proud to showcase an extensive range of bathroom radiators designed to suit all types of bathrooms and decor styles. Whether your home is equipped with central heating, or you're seeking the flexibility of electric or dual fuel options, we're confident that we have the perfect solution for you.

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