Last Updated: Sunday, 11th February 2024

How to Improve Your Electric Shower

Few things disappoint more than a weak shower, so if you think your electric shower isn't as powerful as it once was, or your electric shower isn't working at all, then there a few things you should check before taking drastic action:

First, Check.

Check the Shower Hose for Leaks

If the shower hose is leaking, not all of the water will be making its way to the shower head and water pressure will be leaking out. The image below shows a possible sign of a leaking shower hose.

Image showing a leaking shower hose pipe

The shower hose transports the water from your shower unit to the shower head. On rare occasions, the inner rubber hose can split which will affect the power of the water coming out of the shower head. If you disconnect the shower hose, and fill it with water, you can test for a leak in the structure of the hose.

Secondly, the O-Rings between the hose and shower unit and the hose and the shower head can become worn or damaged.

If any of the above applies to you, you should replace the entire hose or the O-Rings.

Clean the Shower Head

Depending on the type of water that is supplied to your house, you may be victim to the build up of limescale. This will restrict the flow of water going through your shower. In worse cases it will block entire nozzles, blocking the water from being able to exit the shower head.

Image comparing a clean shower head with one covered in limescale

You can wipe the nozzles with a damp cloth and this should dislodge most of the limescale. Anything more persistent may need more work, using a toothpick for example. You can also soak your shower head in vinegar to counteract any limescale.

Once cleaned, you should once more be able to experience the wonders of a strong, fully drenching shower.

Replace the Shower Head

Some electric shower are fitted with shower heads that restrict the flow of water. The idea behind this is to help you use less water. However, rightly, you may feel dismayed by if it negatively impacts your shower experience.

It is very easy to fix this: simply unscrew your current shower head and replace it with one that does not restrict the flow. However, it is always important to be mindful about how much water you are using from a sustainability standpoint.

Second, Fix.

If you've done all of the above and your pressure is still too low you may need to take further action by installing a shower pump or accumulator tank to permanently increase the pressure to your electric shower. There are a few things to consider here:

  1. Most electric showers need a minimum of 1 Bar to operate,

  2. It is illegal in the UK to pull more than 12 L/min from the mains supply into your household. If you want to pump higher than 12 L/min more than that, you need to put a break tank in between the mains inlet and your pump,

  3. Electric showers can only heat up a certain amount of water, so you need to check your shower's power rating before you decide on your pump. If your pump is too powerful for your shower, you might not end up with the desired outcome.

Install a Shower Pump

The quickest, cheapest and easiest fix is to install a pump somewhere between the mains and the shower you want to fix.

If the rest of your home has good pressure, but you simply cannot get your electric shower to work consistently, you may want to consider a shower pump specifically for your electric shower. If this sounds like a good idea to you, check out our Electric Shower Compatible Shower Pumps.

Install a Mains Inlet Booster Pump

Diagram showing how a mains water booster pump works in the home relative to your water system

A mains inlet booster pump is a type of shower pump designed to support your entire home. This can be useful when every single outlet in your home has poor water pressure.

If you want to proceed with the cheaper of the whole home solutions, check out our recommended Mains Inlet Booster Pumps.

Install an Accumulator Tank

Diagram showing where an accumulator tank goes in your water system in the home

An accumulator tank is a whole-house solution to boosting your water pressure. This solution is significantly more expensive than a normal shower pump. It is also overkill for a single electric shower, but if you live in a medium to large sized home or want to use more water than what the mains inlet can supply, it may be a considerations for you.

Overhaul your Plumbing System

The final and most drastic fix is to overhaul you entire plumbing system. This is only really recommended for older properties. Your plumber could replace your pipework to make use of newer technologies and boost the pressure throughout your home.

Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my Electric Shower?

To improve your Electric Shower, first check the shower head for leaks or limescale build up. Consider replacing the shower head if the issue persists. If the problem is pressure related, a quick and effective solution is to install a shower or mains booster pump.

Any more questions?

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