Last Updated: Friday, 17th November 2023

How To Measure Your Flow Rate

Testing your flow rate is important for solving a number of problems, but most revolve around issues with low water pressure across your whole home or at isolated outlets.

By following the steps explained below, you can quickly determine the flow rate of the tap or other outlet you need to test. Repeat the process for different taps or fixtures in your home to assess their individual flow rates. Keep in mind that flow rates can vary depending on the tap's location and the water pressure in your area.

Person measuring the water flow rate from their kitchen tap using a measuring jug
You can easily measure your flow rate using household items, like this measuring jug.

Steps To Test Your Flow Rate

1 - Get a container

Start by obtaining a measuring container, such as a large jug or a bucket with known volume markings.

2 - Open The Outlet

You Wish To Test Fully open your tap, or whichever outlet you are choosing to test and let the water flow into your container.

3 - Time the Flow

Use a stopwatch or a timer to record the time it takes to fill the container.

4 - Calculate the Flow Rate

Divide the volume of water collected (preferably in liters) by the time it took to fill the container (in seconds). This will give you the flow rate in liters per second. Multiply by 60 to convert to liters/min.

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