Last Updated: Wednesday, 31st January 2024

Safety Stair Rods - All You Need to Know

Working on staircases, like painting or fixing lights, can be tricky. Plus, stairs can sometimes be places where accidents happen. Imagine having a loose cover or sheet on the stairs; it's easy to trip over it, right? That's where safety stair rods come in handy. They help hold these sheets tight and in place, making it safer to walk and work on stairs.

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Why are Safety Stair Rods Used?

  1. Prevention of Slips and Trips: The primary purpose of the Safety Stair Rods is to prevent slips and trips on stairs. When decorators or homeowners lay dust sheets or other types of sheeting on stairs, it can disguise the edge of each step, or worse grouping up, making it easy for someone to misstep, slip, or trip. Safety stair rods hold these sheets tight and securely in place, reducing the risk of accidents.

  2. Ease of Use: Safety Stair Rods are designed to be user-friendly. They are spring-loaded, allowing them to be quickly put in place and easily adjustable to fit any stair width or gap.

  3. Carpet Protector: Besides safety, these rods help protect carpets, runners, and floors from damage during maintenance or decorating activities. By holding dust sheets securely, they prevent them from moving and letting paint or contaminants to the fabrics and surfaces underneath.

Benefits of Safety Stair Rods

  • Affordability: Safety stair rods are a super affordable solution to a significant safety concern. They are a small investment, which pale in comparison to the potential medical costs and lost work time resulting from accidents.

  • Durability: Made with robust materials, these rods are designed to last, providing long-term safety solutions.

  • Reusable: Safety Stair Rods are designed to be reused and so contribute to environmental sustainability and help your pocket. Replacing single-use solutions, like roll and stroll, which often end up in landfills, decorators can avoid these disposable products by choosing Safety Stair Rods and shifting towards cheaper and more environmentally friendly practices.

  • Tested and Approved: Flowflex's Safety Stair Rods have even been approved for use by organisations like British Gas.

Real-life Importance

Robin Gofton's experience highlights the real-life importance of safety stair rods. Robin shared a personal experience where, while decorating a large house, he had an accident due to a misplaced ladder on a dust sheet-covered staircase. The accident resulted in a broken arm and a cracked head. Such incidents underscore the critical need for safety measures like stair rods.

Wrapping Up

Safety stair rods are a must-have for both decorators and homeowners. They provide a straightforward and efficient answer to typical safety concerns, keeping staircases hazard-free during renovations or decorating tasks. Whether you're an expert in decorating or just love DIY projects, adding safety stair rods to your toolkit is a smart move for safety and assurance.

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