Last Updated: Tuesday, 13th February 2024

Vertical Radiators: 7 Reasons Why They Are The Best Choice

Let's face it, the vertical radiator is one of the greatest inventions of all time, topping even sliced bread. That's why if you're upgrading your radiators, changing your space, or building a new one and want to know what kind of radiator to go with, the answer is simple: vertical radiators. But don't just take our word for it, there are numerous reasons why these bad boys are the best.

They're a great cuddle buddy.

Do you remember the last time you came rushing through the door to escape the cold? Did you just want to drop everything and wrap yourself in a warm, fluffy blanket? Of course you did. Well that's exactly what vertical radiators are: the perfect vertical body warmer from head to toe.

They provide you with more space in your room.

Space is always a premium, but even in spacious homes, vertical radiators are still a great choice. They take up less horizontal wall space and give room for more furniture or wall decoration. They also make the room spread out and feel bigger. Hanging your radiator vertically also gives you the option to fit a larger on into a smaller horizontal space. No more chilly fingers! Fantastic!

They allow you to cover large areas of exposed wall.

Bathroom in industrial style. Black radiator.

A vertical radiator is just that, a radiator which stands vertically rather than lying flat against the wall. This can be great for making a statement out of an otherwise tall and boring space. They can also fill the gaps between other furniture and decor, or just making your room look more tidy.

They look great in tall rooms and contribute to the feeling of height in your room.

If you have a large room and want it to appear more spacious, installing a vertical radiator is a great option. The height will draw attention to the upper walls, making your ceiling seem visually higher than it actually is.

They create a focal point in the room.

Vertical radiators create a focal point in the room, whether it's in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Their vertical nature creates a point of visual interest at eye level, making it an ideal choice for spaces where you want your eye drawn upwards.

They can also be used as room dividers, creating a point of reference to divide up a single large space into smaller zones. For example, in a living room, you could use vertical radiators to create a division between the entertainment area and a quieter reading area. In a kitchen space, vertical radiators can act as divider between the cooking and utility zones.

They can be used to create a modern design feature.

Vertical radiators are available in a wide range of shapes, styles and colours, which allows you to really bring your personality whilst also bringing heat and practicality.

Close up of white vertical radiator on a grey concrete wall next to small tree plant

They come in both traditional and contemporary designs, so no matter what style home you have, you will definitely find an option that works for you.

They work with every style of interior design.

So you live in a small flat? Or maybe a country estate? You've used bright colours, or do your rooms have a clean, fresh look? Regardless, the beauty of our radiators is that they work with every style of interior design. Whether you're looking for something classic, modern or even industrial, we've got you covered.Where can I get them?

You can get the best performing radiators for your heating system here from PlumbHQ. We offer radiators with exceptional heat outputs and a wide range of designs, sizes and colours and they're available for despatch today.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team today.

Any more questions?

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