March 09, 2023 Compression Fittings, Product Guides What are Compression Fittings?

Today we're going to talk about a topic that might sound like it firmly belongs in a plumbing manual, but fear not! We'll try and make this short and snappy to get through it together. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of compression pipe fittings.

What are Compression Fittings?

In layman's terms, they're a type of plumbing fitting that creates a watertight joint between two (or more) pipes by compressing an olive against a pipe using a nut and the body of the fitting. Hence the name Compression Fitting.

As you can see in the image below, there are three parts to a compression pipe joint; the Nut, the Olive and the Body of the Fitting.

Image demonstrating the component parts of a compression fitting

Are Compression Fittings any good?

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why would anyone want to use a compression pipe fitting?". Well, there are a few really good reasons:

  1. You don't need to heat anything up when you're installing them, which generally makes things a hell of a lot safer,
  2. You don't need any special tools, just a couple of spanners!
  3. They're reusable! You can demount (remove) them, temporarily and reassemble them, or even reuse them on another system,
  4. You don't need any special training to use a compression fitting, albeit clearly you should have good knowledge of plumbing when messing around with water pipes in your home,
  5. They can be used with a wide range of different pipes including copper, brass, plastics and even stainless steel, 
  6. They're reliable. They've stood the test of time. They've been around as long as time itself. To this day, many types of fittings, valves and connectors use compression technology to make their joints watertight and safe.

So, to answer the question at hand: Are Compression Fittings any good? We think so! They're reliable, safe, and easy to use. And let's be honest, those are some pretty important qualities.


See, we promised that would be quick. Quick like installing a Compression Fitting!

In conclusion, if you're in need of a pipe fitting that's going to get the job done simply, quickly, safely, maybe also be reusable and help you to connect to many different types of pipe, Compression Fittings are the way to go.

If you're now super interested and want to get some for your next project, then don't hesitate to check out our range of Compression Fittings here.

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