Compression Fittings

This type of Brass fitting in plumbing are designed to connect together copper pipe work using a heat-free mechanical joint. Fully recyclable and WRAS approved, they are are popular with installers due to the durability and flexibility they offer.

The reliability of a compression seal depends critically on the geometry of the ferrule as well as the mating angle of the fitting body. Both parts must have a tapered shape that permits the ferrule to compress appropriately as the nut is tightened while keeping the tubing in axial alignment.

These kinds of fittings are made up of several components including a compression nut and olive. When tightening the nut onto the pipe the olive compresses against the pipe and the nut to create a watertight seal. These fittings are ideal for use in domestic, commercial and industrial settings and can specifically be used on hot & cold water services, heating installations, fuel services and low pressure gas pipework in domestic premises.

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