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How To Measure Your Flow Rate

Follow our 'How do I test my flow rate' steps here. Testing your flow rate is important for solving a number of problems. Discover how here with PlumbHQ.

Heating for Bathrooms: The Ultimate Guide

Explore the best heating options for your bathroom. From underfloor heating to radiators and towel rails, we offer free and fast delivery on all our products.

Painting Radiators - A Guide

Explore the process of radiator painting, weighing its pros and cons. We also talk about alternative options to achieve the desired result.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Identifying Your Water System

Looking to understand your home water and heating system? This guide dives deep into the world of home water systems, revealing the pros and cons of each type. Get expert solutions to common issues and discover how to boost your water pressure like a pro. Don't miss out—check out our guide now!

How To Protect Your Carpets During Home Renovations

Learn how to protect your carpets during renovations with Safety Stair Rods. Secure dust sheets, prevent spill damage, and ensure safety on stairs. Elevate your DIY skills and safeguard your home today.

When should you replace radiators?

Radiators are generally a reliable feature of a property's heating system, but over time, even they can become less efficient, develop leaks or suffer from corrosion, leading to reduced efficiency and higher energy bills. So when do you need to replace them? We discuss all of this here and more at PlumbHQ.

How To Install A Towel Rail

Follow our hassle-free guide to installing your towel rail, purchased from PlumbHQ, whether floor or wall-mounted. Ensure a sturdy installation with expert tips.

How To Bleed A Radiator: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to bleed your radiator to ensure your heating system operates efficiently. Find out the process and which radiators to bleed first. Follow our step-by-step guide.

How To Install Compression Fittings

Discover how to correctly install and adjust compression fittings in our comprehensive guide with images. Learn all about Compression Fittings in our ultimate guide here.

Balancing Radiators Explained

Discover how to achieve efficient heat distribution in your home, increasing comfort whilst saving energy and prolonging the life of your central heating system.

Copper Fittings and Solder Wire: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about copper solder wire, how to choose the right type for your project, and tips for effective soldering in this comprehensive guide. Discover the importance of lead-free solder for health and safety.

Cost of Living: How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Here we offer practical tips to lower energy use and costs at home, ranging from simple habits like turning off lights to larger investments like energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy sources, all contributing to financial and environmental well-being.

How to Keep on Top of Limescale in Your Shower

Dive into our comprehensive guide on tackling limescale, the unwelcome guest in your bathroom. Learn about the origins of limescale, the trouble it causes, and effective ways to remove and prevent it. From simple home remedies to installing water softeners, this set provides everything you need to know to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and functioning efficiently. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a pristine shower with our expert advice.

How To Remove Limescale Using Household Goods

Discover the eco-friendly way to remove limescale from your showers using white vinegar. Follow our simple guide for a cleaner, greener bathroom.