Last Updated: Monday, 12th February 2024

Shower Power Booster Pump Review

Certain pumps are built to supply an entire block of flats, while others are optimised for providing an exceptional shower experience. If you're seeking the latter, the Shower Power Booster Pump offers a straightforward solution for achieving a perfect shower. Let's delve into the details.

Shower Power Booster Overview

The Shower Power Booster Pump is a compact and distinctive micro-pump designed to generate up to 1.1 Bar of pressure, delivering an outstanding shower performance.

This pump boasts the following advantages:

  • It's more cost-effective compared to competing models.

  • Operating at a mere 50 Db, it's astonishingly quiet, akin to a gentle rain shower.

  • Capable of delivering up to 9 L/min of flow.

  • Highly energy-efficient, utilising only a fraction of the energy used by other pumps.

  • Carries WRAS approval.

  • Compatible with both positive and negative head systems.

  • Works seamlessly with both 22mm and 15mm pipes.

  • Permitted for legal installation on your mains inlet to enhance your entire home's water pressure.

  • Suitable for installation before or after your Combi Boiler.

  • Suitable for installation by DIY enthusiasts or professional installers.

  • Plugs into standard household sockets.

More about the Shower Power Booster pump

Quiet Operation

Crafted with top-quality brass components in the main body and durable plastic around the motor, this pump is engineered to minimise vibrations and operate quietly. At a mere 50 Db from a distance of 0.1 meters, the pump produces noise levels akin to light rainfall.

Easy Installation

Setting up the Shower Power Booster Pump is a straightforward process. It's a task that can be undertaken by any DIY enthusiast or can be entrusted to a professional.

Compatible with 15mm and 22mm Pipes

While some other pumps are exclusively designed for use with 22mm pipes, this shower pump includes a 22mm x 15mm reducing set in the package, enabling its utilization with both 15mm and 22mm pipework.

Do I Need a Single or Double Boost?

Similar to other pumps available in single or twin impeller configurations, the Shower Power Booster Pump also offers the capability to boost either one or two feeds. To achieve what other pumps refer to as "twin impeller" functionality, this Pump needs to be paired with another pump using the included wires, allowing them to operate in tandem.

To determine the suitable variation for your needs, consult the following guidelines:

Single Feed Boosting

Looking to boost a single feed only? Opt for the Single In Line Micro Pump.

If you need a more substantial boost on the same feed, you may want to choose the Automatic and Manual Pack:

Double Feed Boosting

If you're looking to boot/balance both the Gravity Hot and Gravity Cold feeds, you will need the Double Automatic Pack:

Shower Power Booster Compatibility with Electric Showers

All electric showers require an incoming cold water pressure exceeding 0.8 Bar, lest the electric shower disengage its heating elements, resulting in either cold or excessively hot water. The Shower Power Booster Pump augments pressure and flow rates to prevent this occurrence. As previously advised, if your flow rates are exceptionally low and a single pump falls short, upgrading to the Automatic and Manual Pack will provide the necessary boost.

Compatibility with Combi Boilers

The Shower Power Booster Pump can be employed both before and after a Combi boiler. Installing it prior to the boiler serves to boost water pressure throughout the entire home, whereas installing it after the boiler offers support to up to three underperforming taps and showers.

Compatibility with Hot Water Recirculation

In larger homes, hot water circulation is often facilitated by a single impeller pump. Enhancing flow rate and pressure can be challenging, as a more powerful pump might only accelerate recirculation. This Shower Pump can be seamlessly integrated with an existing recirculation pump to provide a high-pressure boost.

Try The Shower Power Booster Pump Today

The Shower Power Booster Pump is backed by a hassle-free 30-day returns policy, even after installation. This level of confidence from the Flowflex team underscores their belief in the pump's performance.

Frequently asked questions

How does a Shower Booster Pump work?

This Pump is designed to automatically increase very low flow rates. It is equipped with sensors that automatically activate the pump at flow rates from 1.5 L/min. Alternatively, it can be put in manual mode to solve even lower flow rates.

How is a Shower Power Booster Pump installed?

The installation process involves removing a 115mm section of the pipe, replacing it with the Shower Booster Pump, and securely tightening the compression joints. To complete the installation, simply plug the power source into a standard household socket, or wire it directly into the mains.

Can the Shower Power Booster Pump be used with both 15mm and 22mm pipes?

Yes, this pump includes a 22mm x 15mm reducing set in the box, enabling it to be used with both 15mm and 22mm pipework. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of installation.

How can a Shower Power Booster Pump improve my shower experience?

For a fraction of the price of other pumps, this Shower Pump can transform your daily shower routine using 5% of the energy of other pumps in positive and negative head situations.

Any more questions?

If you have any queries or questions about the products we sell, or even your next project, give us a shout! We'll try our best to give you a hand.