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Brass Olives

When dealing with plumbing, it's often the little things that really count. One of these often-overlooked details plays a big role in making sure your connections are watertight and dependable – that's the humble brass olive. Even though they're tiny, they're super important for making sure compression fittings fit together really well. This helps keep your plumbing system from leaking and running smoothly.

Safe and Simple Installations

The magic of a brass olive lies in its ability to be compressed. When you tighten a compression fitting, the brass olive is compressed between the nut and the fitting, creating a strong and reliable seal. This eliminates the need for any flame or solder, making the installation process quicker and safer.

The Importance of Quality

Brass olives aren't all the same – there can be a real difference in quality. Overall, olives are perfect for all applications, whether it's in regular home water systems or more complicated industrial setups. What really matters is the quality of the brass used in the olive. High quality olives bring an unmatched level of strength and trustworthiness. This has a big impact on how well it works, making sure you always get a tight seal that won't let water through. Plus, the best manufacturers manufacture grooves into their brass olives to make sure they compress correctly onto the pipe. At PlumbHQ, you've got nothing to worry about – we've got this covered, and we only offer top-quality stuff.

Versatility in Sizes and Packs

Brass olives come in a variety of sizes, from the standard 15mm all the way up to 54mm, catering to different pipe diameters and fitting types. Whether you're working on a small home project or a large-scale industrial operation, you'll find the right size and pack to fit your needs. At PlumbHQ we offer value pack sizes allowing you to stock up and save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brass olives are olives made from brass. These olive, like other types, sits between the nut and the body of the fitting and compresses against the pipe to create the water-tight seal.