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Copper Olives

In the world of compression fittings, olives serve as the linchpin for secure and efficient connections. These small, yet robust, components are vital for establishing leak-proof seals in various types of compression assemblies. Whether you're an experienced plumber or a home improvement aficionado, the utility of olives is something you'll want to be well-acquainted with.

Copper is one of the materials of choice when it comes to the manufacture of olives. Copper olives are known for being softer than other materials, such as brass. However choosing between materials is often a preference rather than anything else.

Uncompromising Standards of Excellence

The copper olives we offer aren't just any olives. We select our product from top manufacturers that meet stringent quality criteria. Subjected to rigorous testing protocols, these olives conform to BS EN 1254 standards, making them apt for a wide array of applications, from residential water systems to commercial heating solutions. Their versatility and reliability are what set them apart.

A Wide Range of Sizes

Copper olives come in many different sizes, from the commonly used 15mm copper olive all the way up to 54mm. This range offers you the flexibility to in your plumbing work. Whether it's a minor repair job at home or a large-scale commercial venture, PlumbHQ has got you covered with a comprehensive range of sizes.

Safe and Simple Installation

What makes copper olives particularly noteworthy is their capacity to form a water-tight seal through a mechanical connection. That is to say, without the need for heat. When incorporated into compression fittings, they negate the need for any soldering or open flames, streamlining the installation process and enhancing safety.

Your Trusted Source for Plumbing Essentials

Here at PlumbHQ, we take immense pride in offering copper olives that stand up to the highest standards of quality and performance. With same day despatch and fast & free shipping, plumbing with these copper olives is a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copper olives form a heat-free water-tight seal in a compression fitting. They sit between the nut and the body of the compression fitting and compress against the pipe when the fitting is tightened.