Pipe Cowl - Time and Money Saving Pressure Relief for Boilers

The Flowflex Pipe Cowl is a time and money-saving solution for pressure relief termination on your boiler. This pre-soldered product is available in 15mm and 22mm sizes, as well as an extended version that eliminates the need for scaffolding during installation in high-rise buildings.

Traditionally, pressure relief terminations required extra tubing, two bends, and four soldered joints, which resulted in wasted time and a different finish for each installation. The Pipe Cowl changes all of this by ensuring a neat finish every time, with just one fitting and one soldered joint.

By using The Pipe Cowl, you can save both time and money on your boiler installation. You can purchase The Pipe Cowl from PlumbHQ with free shipping and same-day dispatch. This innovative product is the perfect solution for those looking for a simpler and more efficient way to install a pressure relief termination on their boiler.